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Non Sparking Chain Pipe Wrench Sparkles


Non Sparking Chain Pipe Wrench Sparkles 

Non Sparking Chain Wrench Sparkless

Desc Sparkless Part Code  Size MOC  HSN Code Qty Unit  Price INR  
Chain Pipe Wrench SLI-1002A 100*600mm AlBr 8204 1 Each      29,920.00
Chain Pipe Wrench SLI-1004A 150*600mm AlBr 8204 1 Each        32,512.00
Chain Pipe Wrench SLI-1006A 200*900mm AlBr 8204 1 Each      56,208.00
Chain Pipe Wrench SLI-1008A 300*900mm AlBr 8204 1 Each        59,136.00
Belt Pipe Wrench SLIB-1002A 300mm AlBr 8204 1 Each        8,400.00
Universal Wrench SLIC-1002A 10-30mm AlBr 8204 1 Each         7,968.00
Universal Wrench SLIC-1004A 30-60mm AlBr 8204 1 Each         13,312.00
Pipe Wrench SMZ-1002A 25*200mm AlBr 82041220 1 Each        4,928.00
Pipe Wrench SMZ-1004A 30*250mm AlBr 82041220 1 Each          5,552.00
Pipe Wrench SMZ-1006A 40*300mm AlBr 82041220 1 Each          6,912.00
Pipe Wrench SMZ-1008A 50*350mm AlBr 82041220 1 Each         8,336.00
Pipe Wrench SMZ-1010A 60*450mm AlBr 82041220 1 Each        13,344.00
Pipe Wrench SMZ-1012A 75*600mm AlBr 82041220 1 Each       20,144.00
Pipe Wrench SMZ-1014A 125*900mm AlBr 82041220 1 Each      38,304.00
Pipe Wrench SMZ-1016A 150*1200mm AlBr 82041220 1 Each       59,760.00

Technical Comparison of Non-Sparking Materials


Copper Titanium (CuTi)

Copper Beryllium (BeCu)

Aluminium Bronze (AlBr)


Titanium 3-6%,

 Copper 94-97%

Be: 1.8%-2%

Ni+Co: 0.2%-1.2%

Others: <0.5%

Rest: Cu

Al: 10%-12%

Ni: 4 % - 6 %

Fe+Mn: <5.8 %

Others: <0.5%

Rest: Cu

Non-Sparking Characteristics

Conforms to IS 4595 – 1969(2006) CSIR Certification for Non Sparking Properties Available

Conforms to IS 4595 – 1969(2006) CSIR Certification for Non Sparking Properties Available

Conforms to IS 4595 – 1969(2006) CSIR Certification for Non Sparking Properties Available


260 to 320 BHN

283-365 Brinell

229-291 Brinell



700 N/mm2 (Approx 70 kgf/mm2)

1250 N/mm2 (Approx 125 kgf/mm2)

800 N/mm2 (Approx 80 kgf/mm2)

Non-Sparking Characteristics

Conforms to IS 4595 – 1969(2006)

Conforms to IS 4595 – 1969(2006)

Conforms to IS 4595 – 1969(2006)


Restricted to a Single Manufacturer

Freely Available World Over & Accepted in All Industries World Over

Freely Available World Over & Accepted in All Industries World Over


Very Poor Performance in Actual Usage,

Several customers having used Copper Titanium are unwilling to use the same & moved to other alloys.

Best Mechanical Properties for a Non Sparking hand Tool

Works for its intended Purpose, but wear and tear of AlBr is higher than that of BeCu


Exorbitantly Priced

Priced Marginally Higher when compared with AlBr Alloy – Much lower than CuTi

Most Reasonably Priced




















Prevent Fire Hazards/Explosions use Sparkless Non Sparking Tools - Engg Safety 

Safety is no longer an afterthought in Industries across India. In fact most companies have designed their SOPs with health, safety and environment in the forefront. One of the challenges faced in industry is maintenance and operations in hazardous locations which may contain flammable atmosphere of gas and/or dust. There are various classifications of hazardous zones – ATEX being one of the most commonly used classifications. 

Within your plant if you have any hazardous locations that fall under Zone 0/20, 1/21, or 2/22 many considerations have to be made while operating in these areas. It is mandatory to use intrinsically safe equipment. Hand tools such as wrenches and hammers used for regular maintenance and operations have to be non-sparking, as per OSHA/NFPA/FDA/OISD Guidelines.

Non-sparking tools have the property that they do not produce sparks that can ignite gas or dust and hence used in these hazardous locations. Incident reports are full of case studies where regular steel tools have either caused near misses or resulted in fatal accidents. 

Further many users understand the importance of using non-sparking tools but shy away from embracing it because they may not have chosen the correct tool for the job. Since these tools are made from Copper alloys they do not have the same strength as a regular steel tool. Unfortunately it is very pervasive in India to incorrectly use hand tools in a manner for which it is not designed for. Since operators misuse non-sparking tools they do not perform and in some cases snap during usage. This demotivates personnel from using them and they revert to steel tools compromising on safety. 

While the above situation may sound all too familiar the real issue lies in selecting the correct tool for the application. Reputed non-sparking tools are designed and tested so that they will always perform for its intended application. 

We at Bombay Tools have been dealing in non-sparking tools to the various Industries for the last 10 years. Our brand of Sparkless ® tools are very well reputed for its quality. Further with our expertise in tooling we help customers match the right tool for the right job. This solves the 2 major challenges users face: 

(i)                     They always have the correct tools that perform during regular operations as well as during shutdown activities

(ii)             (ii)           Zero compromise on safety


Please share your requirement and we will send you a quote promptly. You may reach us at: info@bombaytools.in or call: 022 66668781 82 83